Saturday, October 18, 2014

MAXI COSI | The Review

     Okay, Y'all - In honor of and Nordstrom putting a lot of their Maxi Cosi selection ON SALE, I figured a review would be in order :)

A little background:
     Maxi Cosi has both an infant car seat selection [Mico AP] & [Prezi] and a convertible seat collection [Pria 70] & [Pria 85]. All of them range from (with the current sale) $159-$240, depending on type and color - and trust me, there is a HUGE selection - and that's why we went with black, because there was no way I could choose between the amazing colors that they offer!

Our background and review: 
     After a lot of time researching and considering reviews, we decided on the Maxi Cosi AP for our infant carrier. It has one of the highest safety ratings among car seats and it is pretty much the universal car seat for strollers with the infant seat option, like the Quinny and Mamas and Papas that we have today. But the one thing that REALLY got me? The Mico AP is one of THE lightest car seats out on the market and comes in at only 8lbs. This is like a piece of paper compared to some of the other brands that are out today and it also beats out their Prezi style (11lbs) in weight, so we knew that even though it's a 3lb difference, those 3lbs would be making the difference in the long run - and you'd be surprise at how FAST a newborn can gain weight. Penelope is currently 16lbs, but add the 8lbs of the carseat and I'm hauling around almost 25lbs. And I'm a lucky one... Some mamas are lugging around that weight at 3 months so I'm feeling super thankful that this infant carrier is still (somewhat) a breeze to carry and I almost have a 7m.o!
Mico AP

Maxi Cosi Prezi
But as with anything, P is growing out of the Mico pretty fast. It's been super durable and for us, the perfect car seat (and REALLY easy to clean!) but we're already starting the hunt for a convertible car seat and the Pria makes the top of our list. We love the 85 so I've spent a lot of time researching them and this is what I've found, and so far, I like what I'm reading:

Pria70 from the Bohemian Collection

The Pria 70:
-Cup Holder
-Recline Feature
- 9-40 pounds rear-facing
- 22-70 pounds forward-facing
-The [Bohemian Collection] is available in this model
-Offers installation using the LATCH system


 The Pria 85:
-Cup Holder
-Recline Feature
-Strap Holder for easy entering and exiting for your little babe
-14-40 pounds rear-facing
-22-85 pounds forward-facin
-The only convertible car seat rated to 85 pounds!* <--- Taken straight from their website
AND the best feature? You don't have to uninstall the car seat in order to wash the padding! That's the BEST news... EVER. The padding is machine and dryer SAFE! That's something that a lot of car seats don't offer so that's a pretty big deal.
-Offers installation using the LATCH system

I hope the review helps and possibly narrows down a few decisions with so many options out there to choose from! With this, the options are pretty endless xo


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