Tuesday, October 14, 2014

• Life Essentials: Laundry Detergent •

 This obviously isn't a conversation starter and no one really thinks to inquire about what brand of detergent you recently picked up from Target over the weekend as it's one of the last things you'd think about switching but you probably should. Especially if you have little ones!
I had been using (and still do at times) The Honest Brand for all of our laundry... Way before I was even pregnant with Penelope so I had my fair share of testing before spit-up happened in my life. And for our daily clothing wear, it worked perfectly. It had all of the things I was looking for as far as laundry was concerned: No fragrance, meant for a high-efficiency washer, and of course, cleaning power. But after P came along, and for nearly 6 months of her life, she had horrible acid-reflux, The Honest Brand wasn't working to get out the stains. I always tried my best not to use Clorox or OxiClean but sometimes there was nothing else I could use in order to save her Aden + Anais blankets or cute white onesies that she got to rock for a minute before they became stained... Sigh. UNTIL I began searching for a good brand that was a brightener, spot-treater and detergent all in one AND of course to my green-fashion, it had to be hypoallergenic and safe for newborns and I finaaaally found it: [Molly's Suds].
I have been happily doing laundry for the last 2 months with this stuff - something you definitely don't think of saying about doing all things such as laundry! 
I first purchased the [ Molly's Suds Starter Package ] to test everything out and see if it was something that would work so I definitely suggest this package first.. Even the wool dryer balls are a really cool thing for us because it's become the norm to wash a few things at a time rather than waiting to wash when you have a big load so when I go to dry the clothes, the balls help everything dry evenly so they don't get stuck on one side and go an entire dry-cycle, still wet at the end. They are also amazing for big loads, like washing sheets and towels - always mixing everything up so they are sure to get dry, even with a slammed-full dryer!

We also use the dog shampoo for our dogs and it works really well for them. We have a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever and both of them have crazy sensitive skin... So much so, that they're on special food that we have to order from Texas - Crazy, right!? so when they need a bath, we were always prepared for them to be itching like crazzzzzzy afterwards but since we started using this, we haven't noticed any irritation on them at all. Even though it works like a charm, I wouldn't be being honest if I didn't mention that it doesn't really suds up the way a normal soap would and that takes some time getting used to but it cleans them effectively nonetheless and leaves them smelling just like the product in the bottle and they NEVER itch afterwards which is a HUGE deal for our little guys.

Don't forget to use code DISCOVER for 20% through today on your entire order!!
This is a really good deal and you won't be disappointed xo 

This works sooo well with Devon's hunting clothes and my workout gear
For our everyday wash and spot-cleaner
For our pups
This goes above and beyond when cleaning whites that spit-up has messed up


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