Friday, October 24, 2014

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Juicing. We've all heard about it. BluePrintJuice, Pressed Juicery, Suja - just to name some of the most popular. But out of them all, I have been obsessed with the Suja ones for over a year and could only get them at Whole Foods - until now....  I about died when I saw [Suja] post to their Instagram that TARGET will be carrying the Suja Essentials, and the better news? They're already in the stores! My favorite one is the Mighty Green one and I drink that first thing in the morning and I'll continue drinking them throughout the day if I'm feeling sluggish and needing a little energy - they're AMAZING for that. All of the flavors are really good and the Berry Nana one tastes like a smoothie in a bottle - my absolute favorite if I'm wanting a sweet drink and probably the best choice if you're a first time juice drinker.
      The Suja Essentials aren't the full-size version but they're still 12oz of DELICIOUS HEALTH in a bottle. Check your local Target for availability and try these phenomenally delicious drinks!

Here's a little info on the benefits of juicing:


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