Saturday, October 25, 2014

\\ Current Mascara Fav //

Newest Makeup Obsession:
by bareMinerals 

This mascara has been a LIFESAVER to me eyes! I naturally have pretty long eyelashes and my BIGGEST pet peeve is when I buy waterproof mascara expecting it to stay put, only for more of it to end up UNDER my eyes, rather than sticking to my lashes like it should - thee. most. annoying. thing.
 I quickly realized after I started using this, how much easier it was to apply mascara with the smaller wand that comes with this, rather than using a big, chunky one where you end up with those annoying dots on your eyelid and ultimately messing up your eyeshadow that, if you're like me, spent too much time perfecting in the first place. I know this scenario all too well and not only am I short for time these days, but when I get a few minutes to apply makeup, I absolutely refuse to use products that suck, so I took a chance with this stuff and it's a miracle that I've found something I like, that really works and LASTS. If you've read another blog that I posted awhile ago, you'd know that I was in love with YSL's waterproof mascara and while I still love it, it just doesn't last longer than a month or two, if I'm lucky. The formula clearly wasn't the best and it would dry up in no time and I'm definitely not hauling myself with P in tow to Sephora every other month for a measly mascara that I've paid a small fortune for anyways so needless to say, you DO NOT get what you pay for with that stuff and with bareMinerals' Flawless mascara, YOU DO. Basically a no-brainer ;)

I should add that I've been in love with bareMinerals EVERYTHING lately, but I'll have to save all of that for another blog, but if you get the chance to try their stuff, do it because they are one of the few companies that believe in not adding Parabens or Phthalates to their products, which was the ultimate selling point for me as that's almost impossible to find these days! Their stuff is completely worth it ;)

So back to the mascara, here's a couple of pics so you can get a little bit of an idea of how it wears and how it looks after it's applied!

I hope if any of y'all get this, that you love it as much as I do! x


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