Tuesday, September 9, 2014

|| Favorite Pregnancy Apps ||

It's seriously sooo exciting seeing someone pregnant that's preparing to take on THEE most amazing journey of their life! I get such chills thinking how absolutely amazing it is that God chooses us to be apart of creation.... It's magic and such a personal experience and I'm so thankful I had the chance to be apart of that! I think it's totally worth sharing my own list of the TOP 10 Prgnancy apps that I think anyone that's expecting should have! These apps helped me tremendously and I highly recommend them and of course you'll be obsessed with following your growing little babe through the weeks so these are a definite MUST for you too! 
These are listed from the start of determining your estimated due date and finishing with a feeding log once your perfect angel arrives!

1) Ovia 
This app is GOLD if you're trying to conceive! It will help you determine every factor during this time of sit-and-wait and we all know how grueling those two weeks can be and this app really takes the guess work out of it all and gives you a near-perfect timeline of when you would expect to become pregnant AND determining the birthdate of your little babe!

2) BabyBump Pregnancy
3) What To Expect
4) Pregnancy +
5) BabyCenter
6) Sprout
7) The Bump

8) Full Term - Labor and Contraction Timer
I didn't get to use this app because I was admitted to the hospital after my water broke and I had absolutely NO signs of contractions at that time, but once I was put on pictocin and my contractions started picking up, I wanted to use this app at least once so I could "get the full experience" and it was super accurate and beneficial, plus it's easy to use! I will have this app on my phone and ready to go when we have Pilk baby #2! (not preg, in case you're wondering ;))

9) Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding
You will love this app from the moment you have your little one and especially when the nurses are coming in your room just about ever two hours requesting your baby's eating patterns for the previous two hours and while you're struggling to remember all of the details of your little ones last meal and diaper business, don't overwhelm yourself, just download this app and it will take care of the minor details for you ;)

10) Wonder Weeks App
Babies go through MAJOR changes in the first year of life... So much so, that a major change can occur in a little as a few days. It's all so exciting for us but for your newborn, sometimes it can be overwhelming so this app helps you along the way with your baby's big leaps that usually require extra, EXTRA cuddles and love to help soothe and comfort him or her through a tough growth spurt.!


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