Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Small Peek at Our Beach Pictures!

A little impromptu photo sesh at the beach with my fambam. Love these two to pieeeeeces! Also, soooo many people have asked for the deets on P's bow and it's from Ruby Blue inc on Etsy! These bows are amazing quality and perfect for any outfit so obviously we love em'!

I adore seeing Penelope and Devon together. Overhearing him say "I love you" to her makes my heart turn to absolute mush. The bond between these two is seriously unlike anything I have ever seen in. my. life. I'm so thankful that I get to see the daddy's girl come out in her personality, even before she can speak. The way her eyes light up when she hears his voice when he gets home from work is something out of a fairytale. They are seriously each others WORLD. If I'm blessed with more little babes and we end up with a house full of little girls, just to see this bond my life would be complete. So thankful for these babes... They are the reason behind my heartbeat. x    

b&w pics are forever my fav.
P's face is PRICELESS.
Showing P the kites

Ps. I CANNOT believe our little babe will be 6 MONTHS OLD next week!!!! Where does time go!? Really, Y'all.... how adorable would she be with a little brother or sister!? It would seriously be ADORABLE.

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