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Favorite Honest Products

I've been using Honest products for over a year now and I've been nothing but happy with absolutely everything I've got from them. Before Target started carrying their stuff, it was always a guessing game for which items to buy so I ended up getting the Bundle package and trying IT. ALL. So here are my absolute must-haves from so you don't have to play the guessing game that I did. 
 I do use other brands for things such as wipes for P and laundry detergent for all of us (which I'll share in the next post) that aren't Honest brand but still organic and natural. 

1) Organic Baby Powder: I posted about the Burt's Bees Baby Powder not long ago and I still love that powder but this is my favorite since I purchased it because it's actually USDA Organic and not just labeled as "Natural" and it's still Talc-free, which is exactly why I bought the Burt's Bees in the first place, so this one is a bonus with the certified organic label.

2) Honest Conditioner: This smells AMAZING. I use this for P when her scalp gets a little dry and it really helps keep it moisturized and it's not irritating to her at all.

3) Honest Shampoo + Body Wash: we use this often, and I even use this for myself because it smells like an orange dreamsicle.... Ughh, I'm obsessed.

4) Honest Diapers: We have used these on Penelope since she was a newborn! I also use Seventh Generation diapers from Target and I have no preference over either diaper, although I personally gravitate towards the Honest brand because they're a lot cuter but more importantly, Neither the SG or Honest diapers ever leak and that's especially important since P is currently sleeping through the night.

5) Honest Cleaning Products: ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING. I use every single one and they do the job without the strong smell that store-brand household cleaners have. Although I have them all, I personally love the Multi-Surface Cleaner and the Bathroom Cleaner.. I use these two almost daily.

6) Dish Soap: I currently use this dish soap to clean Penelope's bottles.. It lasts a looooong time too so I find that it's worth it and work just the same as other specific bottle cleaners that other companies have.

7) Dryer Sheets: These dryer sheets are somewhat moist, which is unlike any other dryer sheet I've tried in the past.. They make your laundry soft and I love the fact that they are naturally unscented so you can add essential oils to the dryer cloth so you have the option to change the scent from one dry to the next. I love to add lavender oil when I wash our sheets and they always smell soooo amazing.. I stock up on oils from Whole Foods and Amazon!

8) Honest Sunscreen SPF 30: If we're needing sunscreen, I'd rather it be healthy and not filled with unnecessary chemicals and this stuff is great for the health factor, it's not thick and it easily absorbs into the skin.. This wins over other sunscreens I've tried from other natural companies such as Babyganics etc.

The Honest Life ^
 I suggest this book to anyone that wants to know more about the chemicals that lurk in our day-to-day products. It opened my eyes to certain products that claim to be "healthy" and "natural" but are actually FILLED with things that are FAR from good - when you know better, you do better. Xx

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