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The very moment you become a mom, everything hits you all at once.... It's basically the only time in your life, that in a split second, you become an absolute pro, with no prior practice or training. No doctor or nurse can tell you what's best because your instinct does that for you - you're the momma.. You get the mom-instinct immediately. Also, for the rest of your life, you're blessed with 4 arms because Lord knows I use my feet to pick up, move objects and even open doors now without a second thought - But one thing that you don't get right away are all of the things your baby will love or even hate. When I signed up for my registry, as I'm sure all moms-to-be do, I registered for it ALL. I had no idea what I would love or what we would even use and I had no one my age that had a brand new infant to walk me through it so I've compiled a list of my absolute FAVORITE things that I don't even travel without, let alone go a day without using. Even if you aren't a mommy yet, or not even close to becoming one, I KNOW you're getting invited to baby showers and some of these are the perfect inexpensive gifts that you can get for that mama2be.

1 - 4moms Breeze Playard This is the easiest playard out. It's compact, and easy to open which saves so much hassle while you're holding a screaming infant trying to open this thing. Beyond simple and practical for all mamas.
2 - Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing The was HANDS DOWN the best purchase we made. Do NOT forget to put this on your registry like we did. Penelope sleeps like a PERFECT angel in this thing and we have traveled with this EVERY SINGLE TIME we've been out of town since we've had it. We won't stay overnight anywhere without it. Simply put: It's a LIFESAVER.
3 - Burts BeesWax Tear Free Shampoo This shampoo/body wash smells like a baby in a bottle. I use Honest products too but I absolutely love using this because it smells sooo good and it's gentle on P's skin, which obviously overrides the great smell any day. 
4 - Aiden + Anais Musy Mate I just blogged about this on my @babys_best Instagram because I absolutely adore this little security blanket and so does Penelope. She would always kick off her blanket during naps and bedtime because she's a hot-blooded little thing, just like me, and well, long story short, she would wake up wanting to hold her blanket because she's recently discovered the grasping effect, but it would be past her little feet and she would get frustrated and throw a fit so I would pull the blanket up, she would kick it off and history just kept repeating itself so I found the perfect balance with this little thing because she can hold onto it all the while kicking her little feet and staying cool with the blankets off. Win-win.
5 - Quinny Moodd Stroller A stroller is like a car. An investment. For something that you'll use every day, you need the thing to be able to keep up and this stroller is perfect for that. The tires are rubber and filled with air - not like other strollers with cheap plastic tires that get flat spots in them or can't roll over hard surfaces. The Quinny can go through sand, over rocks, in the grass - wherever you need it, it can go. I'm a stroller hoarder and I can say that I will back this brand for life because I have TWO myself. One aluminum frame for traveling and the heavier white frame for daily errands. This stroller is worth every penny, I promise! Plus, it grows with the child. You can detach the toddler seat and attach the infant car seat for the perfect grow-with-me feature. Plus, it has great storage underneath for shopping ;)
6 - Tommee Tippee Bottles These bottles are amazing, especially if you end up like me and switch from breast feeding to bottle feeding due to supplementing. Trust me when I say that I tried every bottle on the market.. I asked for different brands on our registry and I also purchased some other brands myself and these were the ONLY bottles P would take. These bottles also come in a variety of colors for both boys and girls so you can't go wrong with functioning cuteness.
7 - Baby Brezza Formula Pro It's 2am and you need to make a bottle - That is the exact reason why you need this. No other words necessary. It's a bit tricky to put together but I promise that you'll be so glad once you do. It's literally the Keurig for babies. Get one.... Or two.. I really don't think you can have too many of these things.
8 - Aiden + Anais Bamboo Blankets If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with anything made by A+A but these Bamboo blankets take the cake, in fact, I caught Devon using one as a blanket last night.... They're that amazing. And not only are they great for sleeping, but they're amazing as a stroller cover, breastfeeding cover, general bib to wipe messy faces and the best part is that they hold together through the many, many washes that you can imagine they're put through.
9 - LEVANA Snuza Oma Clip We all know the risks associated with infants and their breathing and well, for any new mom or even an experienced one, that is pretty concerning & scary, so that's why I had to have this perfect little monitoring clip for when Penelope sleeps. I decided to go with this over all other brands because it fits snuggly over her diaper and it actually touches her belly to monitor breaths, not feeling for movement through a mattress like some other brands. I just didn't trust that. I also love how portable this device is... I just put it in the case it came in and throw it in her diaper bag and we're ready to go. No wires, no bulky monitoring systems... Just what you see and that's it. I would spend $99 over and over if it meant I would know my daughter is safe.. There's absolutely no price on her life and that's why I saved this for last because in my eyes, if you couldn't or didn't buy a single other item I mentioned, then at least invest in this. :)

FYI: For what I could find, I linked the Target website to certain items so you can at least save 5%, especially for some of the high-ticket items.
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