Monday, April 14, 2014

Get Ready For Summer - Bronzed Edition x

While my peaceful babygirl naps, I'm finally able to finish this blog post for y'all!

I stopped using tanning beds almost 2 years ago... I used to get spray tans at the tanning place all of the time but when I became pregnant, spray tans weren't really recommended but my obsession with having a healthy glow still remained so that's when I started searching for a REALLY good self-tanner to use that A) Wouldn't streak B) Was easy to apply and C) DIDN'T leave you looking that oh-so-NOT-fabulous color of orange that everyone dreads - That's when I came across this per the sales associate at ULTA and I haven't used anything else since! I've tried all of the high-end brands along with cheap drugstore ones and nothing has compared to this stuff (and honestly, it works just as well as St.Tropez, in my opinion - plus cheaper!) I LOOOVE that this is a foam and not a spray, which makes application sooo easy and I also love that I can get perfect control of how much product is applied to my hands and feet so I don't end up with the horrible splotching that I noticed I would get when I paid for a spray tan. It also has color that is applied immediately and it continues to darken over a few hours, which is why I choose to apply mine at night and take a shower in the AM. The best part???! It HARDLY has an after-smell - and by hardly, I mean basically non-exsistant!!!! One bottle seems to last for forever.. I apply once, maybe twice a week, depending on what's going on and it would seriously last probably close to 2 weeks before it fades. This stuff is ammmmazing! Go to ULTA and buy yourself this Bronze Glow or buy from their website here - for $12.99 you cannot go wrong!!!  Don't forget to buy the mitt as well to help with even applicaton ;)

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