Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pinecone Wreath - EASY DIY xo

About a week ago, I posted a pinecone wreath that I made on my Instagram. I got inspired by a beautiful lookalike wreath that I found online that they were selling for around, I believe, $170. Well, I knew it didn't look terribly difficult and I knew I could easily make my own for waaaay cheaper, so I began my hunt on pinterest and viola! I found the perfect DIY to make the wreath and it even looked similar to the one I was going to buy. Here's the link to Aimee's blog and where my idea came from <3 Pinecone Wreath DIY
I got all of my supplies at Michael's and I ended up having to use wooden wreath forms rather than the embroidery hoops that she used. I also wrapped my wooden wreath forms in burlap to ensure the pinecones would stay on. All of this, including spray paint and glitter, was only about $36! xo

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