Friday, November 29, 2013

Get To Know ME! xo

     I figured this would be interesting to the people that read my blog, but don't know me personally, so here are a few things to help you get to know me a little bit better - ENJOY! x

  • My name is Taylor to state the obvious
  • I was born on May 9th - Spring baby!!!!
  • I absolutely love anything gold/white/black - these are my go-to colors for everything
  • For anyone hiding under a rock, I'm going to be a mama in March to a little princess!!! We are soooo beyond excited, it's not even funny!
  • VI XVI MMXII  xox Our amazingly amaaaazing wedding!! Best.Day.Ever
  • Devon (my husband) and I have 2 dogs, a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd.. Love our babies!!!!!! Spoiled rotten!
  • Toilet paper goes OVER THE TOP. Pet peeve, enough said.
  • I make our bed every single day.. It's a must FOR SURE. 
  • I'm Native-American and Greek
  • I don't go tanning and I use SPF religiously
  • I check all ingredients in face/body products before I buy.. Staying away from Parabens among other things.. Beyond gross.
  • Devon and I are building a house and I sooo cannot wait to share when we begin the process - Weeeee!
  • I adore pictures and I'm obsessed with buying picture frames.
  • I love OPI polish - Black Onyx and Red My Fortune Cookie are forever my go-to shades if I can't decide which to pick.
  • Favorite makeup brands: NARS, MAC Cosmetics, MakeupForever, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and Urban Decay.
  • I use hand sanitizer like nobody's business.
  • I NEVER take any over-the-counter medicine like Tylenol or Nyquil etc because I find it unnecessary.
  • I'm always looking for DIY's on Pinterest 
  • I'm an obsessive shoe buyer..... I looooove shoes!!!!!! And leggings :P
  • Favorite way to workout: Spin class.. Which has definitely slowed since becoming pregnant but March is coming quickly!!! Gym, I'm ready for ya!
  • I do believe that Leopard is a color. No shame.
  • You'll rarely see me in pastels; only neutrals.
  • I make my own lotion, which I'll share in my next blog ;) However, I do LOVE Lush lotions, specifically: Sympathy for the Skin, Dream Cream and Karma Kream.
  • Christmas is my faaaaaav time of the year - decorations and preparations begin right after Halloween. I go crazy during the holidays!!
  • If I could have 20 dogs, I so would. Thankfully my husband keeps me in check or else I'd be the dog lady without a doubt.
  • Fresh flowers are my ALLL... I always buy them for our house and I die over peonies!!!!! By far my absolute favorite flower... EVER.
  • Last but not least, and I think this goes without saying, but y'all, I love me some Starbucks coffee and Green Tea... Ughhh if it wasn't so late and I wasn't so comfy I would go there NOW!

     Be sure to leave comments below on what other blogs you'd be interested in reading about - I'd love to know ;) Thanks for reading and STAY TUNED for my blog about my homemade body lotion! SUPER EASY DIY!!! xXox

instagram & twitter: taylorpilk

xo taylor 


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