Monday, October 7, 2013

We're Having A Baby!!

Penelope Elaine Pilkington <3
     The absolute biggest day of our lives, July 11th 2013, was when we found out our life would be changed forever because I found out I was pregnant with our first baby! I have never had so many emotions run through me all at once but the one thing I have been filled with every single day are the feelings of overwhelming excitement & joy!
     The second biggest day of our lives was on October 2nd 2013, we found out we would be having a precious baby girl! We had already had names picked out for both a boy and girl so when I heard "You're having a little Princess!" from the ultrasound tech, I knew we were looking at our beautiful Penelope Elaine! Penelope is a Greek name and I wanted to incorporate my heritage, which will now be her heritage as well, with the name we chose, and to me, Penelope was the perfect name for our princess, not only because of the Greek background but because it was so unique and feminine to us. Her middle name, Elaine, is a family name that we decided to use and it also starts with an "E" and because my middle name is Elizabeth, we felt it fit her well! 

     Ever since Devon and I got married a little over a year ago, we had wanted to start a family as soon as possible. It felt right to start a family young because we're both so close to our families, as well as being super close to each others families, so having a family of our own was beyond important. We are so blessed to be able to experience God's perfect creation and we couldn't imagine life any other way! 
     I'm writing this blog because for the most part, I'd like to share my journey, along with other things that I come across with current mama's, mamas2be or future mama's! FYI: I'm all about organic, natural, holistic etc so I figured with as much time as I put into research, I mind as well share it with whoever may be interested! I also plan to add pictures and updates on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and I'm sorry in advanced if I go overboard but I promise you'll understand how easy it is to do when you have your own ;)

Thank you for reading <3 I'll still keep the original reason I started this blog (makeup etc) in mind, I just want to mix in baby stuff now.. As this blog revolves around my life, my new daughter will for sure be the absolute center of it and this blog may reflect that a little :) Xox


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