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Thursday, October 19, 2017


When I posted a picture on IG stories about two weeks ago, I got a ton of messages asking about my workouts, motivation and tips so I figured I'd post everything in a blog post because if there's one person asking questions, there are 100 others that aren't. That's my mindset and to be honest, I'm so pumped that people want my opinion on this lol Like y'all trust me enough for this info? Uhmm, totally flattered!

     I'm NOT a fitness expert... I think that goes without saying and I don't follow a fitness or diet plan... I've just used trial and error to bounce back to the best of my ability with a 6 month old and a 3 year old running around!
To be honest, I'm way happier with my success this time around. When I had Penelope, I didn't get back into the gym until a month before her first birthday so the fact that I've been dedicating 5-6 days a week since Merrick was 4 months old is HUGE. I gained 30lbs during my pregnancy and lost all of my muscle so to see the inches dropping and the muscle definition coming back is a big deal for me and I'm SUPER proud of my progress so thank you to everyone that sent kind words! Means a lot!

     Before I start my tips, would anyone be interested in being apart of a texting fitness group?? I know we're all at different places in our fitness journeys but I'd love to have a common place for us to meet to share goals, recipes, memes (cause I don't want to be anywhere that jokes aren't) workouts and most of all, motivation. If that's something you'd be interested in, or are already a part of group that does this and they're accepting newbs - let meh know!

So now that that's all outta the way - let's talk about the tips and tricks.

First thing that's ALWAYS first. THE MUSIC.
When I workout, I HAVE to have music. Devon is such a weirdo because he never works out with music and I find it so freakin' odd that he can pump out a workout without jams. (I love him to death but who does that?) So here are a few songs that I'm lovin':

1) East Coast Remix A$AP Ferg
2) Replay Rich Homie Quan
3) Hallelujah Pan!c at the disco
4) Seen It All Jeezy
5) HUMBLE Kendrick Lamar
6) Swang Rae Sremmurd
7) Wyclef Jean Young Thug
8) All There Jeezy
9) All On Me Devin Dawson
10) Breakdown Jack Johnson (great cool down song)

All of those songs are on my current playlist and they def help my workouts tick by faster. I love my Wireless SoloBeats but I'm thinking about getting the PowerBeats wireless earbuds since I'm looking for something lighter when I run but my bigger headphones are great for cardio on the stair stepper and when doing weights - highly recommend!

So after music, WORKOUT GEAR.
I'm a sucker for workout clothes. I mean, how can I not be when it's the only thing I wear during the week haha. My favorite leggings are from Lululemon and I was asked about them A LOT when I posted this picture a few weeks ago. You can find similar ones linked HERE.
These leggings are not only so cute with the mesh detail but they are COMFORTABLE. I constantly wear these for workouts and travel. Although the ones I just posted are similar, they don't have the zip pocket detail on the front. I'm pretty sure that's what people were after so I'll have to see what I can find and link them on instastories.

My current favorite are these Adidas NMD running shoes. It's great for quick cardio sessions and weights. I've noticed that it does have a small arch in the shoe, which is different than my Nikes. I have flat feet (ha) so the arch, for me, is pretty noticeable and for someone like my husband with enough arch for the both of us (LUMI), he says he really likes them.

This was a recurring question I got after I posted on IG stories... and to be honest, I don't take a lot of them. I take THESE b-12 vitamins daily and I had a TON of prenatal vitamins leftover so I still take those.
I don't take pre workout at all, but I do like drinking my post workout protein drink using 8oz SILK cashew and almond milk mixed with one scoop of THIS PROTEIN. You can get it online but I usually buy it at Vitamin Shoppe and sometimes I see it at Target.
And when I want a small snack, I blend half of a frozen banana, one scoop of the protein powder, a scoop (tbsp) of peanut butter and 8-10oz of the SILK Almond Cashew milk. Seriously the best.



Monday, October 16, 2017


I've been SO lucky to work with some amazing brands and to be able to try tons of products; Most products have been so great and the people behind the companies have been even better! Lately, I haven't really been in the mood for full-glam. Just simple makeup products that leave my face looking fresh and presentable while still being simple and not overdone. I received a few of these products and have fallen in love with them, so I wanted to do a quick blog post in order o share them with y'all.

The perfect product to buy if you're looking to lift, firm and hydrate your skin.

R+Co Thickening Spray:
Smells like heaven and works like a dream.
I use this to add texture to my hair after I wash it so my curls will hold and I have volume on the crown and top of my head.

YSL Black Opium c/o:
A warm and spicy scent that lasts all day long. Key notes are: Pink Pepper, Coffee, Orange Blossom and Vanilla. I like strong, mature scents and this definitely hits the spot. If this perfume sounds like something you'd love, I'd definitely recommend trying it in-store and spraying it on your inner arm to see how it pairs with your skins natural oils because it smells like HEAVEN when it pairs well! A very sultry, sexy scent.

Julep 5 in 1 Skin Perfector c/o:
This is an amazing undereye product that REALLY covers the dark circles I've grown to have over the years. I also like to use this to conceal the redness around my nose and blemishes. I love shade #130 in Ivory.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hr Blush:
The winning perk of this blush? It literally lasts all day. I definitely tested its full potential on our disney trip when I was sweating like a pig, so yeah, def recommend it, guys.

I've linked the other two products, which I've talked about before, so I won't bore y'all again. The Bobbi Brown BB cream is one of the BEST BB creams I have ever tried and at this point, it's been a staple in my makeup collection for YEARS. I love mixing the medium and light shades together to create my perfect shade!
 The MAC Pro Longwear Brow set is hands-down my favorite product of all time. Check it out if you haven't, I KNOW you'll love it. I use the shade Brunette and it's perfect!



Friday, September 1, 2017


These are the last few weeks of summer. The sun disappearing so early is a sure sign that fall is right around the corner. Before Penelope started school, I didn't want to let summer go. Partially because that meant we were starting new chapter with and an entirely new venture but also because our days of being care-free would soon be over. Thankfully, the transition of her going to school has been so easy. She loves it and I've done way better than I thought I would and I'm even more thankful that so has she. She's my adventurer so I had a gut-feeling that this would be more difficult for me than her.... The tried and true words of a mom, I suppose.
A few weeks ago, we took some family pictures and so far, I think I've had every single one printed and they've  quickly taken over our house - especially the new gallery wall we just put up!

As I've said before, my love for photography runs deep. I definitely get it from my dad because he has always taken pictures of us growing up, playing outside, riding our bikes.. ya know, the good candid kind. We have so many that we've gone back on and looked at over the years and I especially love showing Penelope pictures from when I was her age and asking her "Who is this?" and she screams "ME!!" And as (most of) y'all know, I've been told she's Devon's twin since the minute she popped out so this is a huge feat for us hahaha anyway -
   We had a friend use my camera and snap a few shots of us in a sunflower field and at a little private beach with my brother + sis-in-law and I haven't stopped starring at these since. 
I've cried a few times over them because this is my FAMILY. Two beautiful souls that the man I'm head-over-heels in love with, created together. I've zoomed in, starred at each smile, embrace and kiss and have completely fallen in love a million times over. 
Family pictures are special and I love that these are so personal. I was able to make them my own. Something I'll get to keep for a lifetime and one day, when I'm 90, I hope to sit on our front-porch with my great-grand babies and talk to them about these pictures. Where we took them. Our lives at the moment. How young and vibrant we were. Pictures are just so entirely special to me and I'm glad we got the chance to capture these.

Anyway, here are the pics of us. My family. And mister serious, who was so tired but was such a trooper, along with his sister that I can't get to stay still for the life of me.... 

+ Outfit details below
+ Hair by @maadonnab - follow her if you haven't!

I also want to take a minute and talk about the people of Houston. I don't think anyone truly understands the importance of community and loving one another until a tragedy like this happens. 
Family, friends and community are what remain and that's inevitably what will get them through. Plus, the nations amazing and quick response to help lend relief to Texas during this terribly difficult time.
I'm praying for you. Your families. Your homes. Your community and your well-being. We all our. Your lives and livelihood... Your neighbors and friends. Even the strangers. You are all important. You aren't forgotten.  The hurt and pain. That is REAL. I have no more words because I've never been in a situation like this. Even though my uncle lives in Houston, he was one of the lucky ones that had minimal damage so even for our family, the devastation is slightly skewed to those that have lost it all - especially the ones that were lost during this storm. I pray for peace for those families. My heart aches for you.
 Seeing the pictures and putting tearful faces with an impossibly difficult scenario, I have so much empathy in my heart - and to the parents that had to hold their babies in the pouring rain, wading in waist-high waters to get someplace dry - you have my tears, respect and compassion. I can't even fathom. To the animals that were photographed wandering down the street, ownerless - my heart hurts a little more today thinking of all of them, praying they can find a dry and warm place to rest and sleep tonight. And to the families that lost their beautiful homes - I am devastated with you because seeing a place that you considered a safe-haven - now underwater and inhabitable - my whole heart cries with you. But despite the despair, I also see strangers helping strangers. People coming together and sacrificing it all for someone they have never even met, from all the way across the world. That's power. That's love.
Houstonians, your courage sticks with me and I'm completely humbled by your selflessness and that you have undoubtedly put bravery and heroism before your fear. May this pass quickly and may your community heal whole.

27 “I leave you peace. My peace I give you. I do not give it to you as the world does. So do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not be afraid. John 14:27

If you are interested in helping, in anyway, here are a few places you can donate:
+ Salvation Army - text STORM to 51555
+ United Way - text UWFLOOD to 41444
+ Global Giving - text HARVEY to 80100
+ Texas Diaper Bank:
+ Donate to Austin Pets Alive



Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Buy one, get one 50% off of all women's shoes! I linked my favorites from the sale but you can check out everything else >> HERE << 

// 1     // 2     // 3     // 4     // 5     // 6     // 7

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Thursday, August 10, 2017


     This is a serious sale on T3 products! I have the blowdryer that I purchased a few months back and it is definitely the best hairdryer I've owned to date, plus, the white and rose gold makes it A+.
Here are the other products on sale for almost half off! Check them out here:


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