Thursday, April 5, 2018


Hi, guys!!!! Wow. I can't believe I haven't blogged since November! But I'm back with some pretty awesome deals that I just found online! It's only three pairs but these three have been SO popular and I'm pretty surprised that they're such a steal AND have a lot of sizes available so HURRY and get the pair that you're eyeing because I KNOW these will not last long at all.

All sizes currently available.

all sizes currently avail

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Okay, I clearly didn't spend much time cropping these pictures but I really wanted you to see how they looked on because that makes a big difference, in my opinion and of course, to get this post out fast because these will. not. LAST!

Happy shopping!
xx, tbp


Saturday, November 25, 2017


Looking for stocking stuffers!? These perfumes are currently on sale for the next two days and would make awesome gifts for Christmas! I was shocked when I saw that the Burberry Brit, which is one of my favorite wintertime scents, on sale for only $35. INSANE. Also, one of my other favorites, Miu Miu, that usually retails for $122, is on sale for $80! It's one of the more floral fragrances featuring notes like lily and honeysuckle - so yummy.
Check them out and let me know what you think!

xx, tbp

Friday, November 24, 2017

BLACK FRIDAY UNDER $25 | fashion

Did you love the camo sweater I posted about on my instastory today?! Or maybe the pink ombre sweatshirt I had on yesterday for Thanksgiving - Well GOOD NEWS: If you do, then today is the day to snag them because for Black Friday, there's a HUGE sale and those specific sweaters are only $20

I also linked a bunch of other cute pj bottoms, flannels and sweaters that I fell in love with browsing the site! Plus, they have some REALLY great basics on sale for as low as $14 - like this long sleeved button-up white tee or this black v-cut long sleeve tee that is made the softest material you've ever felt - Perfect for layering under flannels and cardis or just hangin' around at home!

No code required :)
Click HERE to shop the site!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


We mixed tourist + local today when I got my directions mixed up early this morning and we headed towards Playa Del Carmen unnecessarily. So, instead of turning around, we played tourist for a little while and then (how we forgot, I'll never know.) we realized that we were exactly where we vacationed during our honey moon five years earlier. We walked down the beach and headed straight for the Indigo Beach Restaurant that we went to five years earlier after we got done with a spearfishing trip to grab two beers to celebrate the catch of the day. At the time, they only had Modelo but we were on such a natural high from the experience that we totally didn't care. We ordered two, plugged our nose (really) and sucked them down to celebrate. So, five years later, we did the same thing. Same beer, same style except this time was a little different... this was a huge trip down memory lane for us and that definitely helped make the Modelo taste a little bit sweeter this time.

After the beer, we decided to walk down the strip where all of the touristy shops are but after not finding much, we decided to go grab some lunch and the first place we saw was Sushi Roll. It's located in the Playa Del Carmen Mall (complete tourist trap). It comes complete with Forever 21 and H&M so you know what it is. We did walkthroughs because I really wanted to see what kind of gear they were selling in Mexico - hoping for cute, summery dresses and a perfect pair of sandals but instead it was filled with cashmere sweaters, gloves and hats. Such a weird feeling. Devon was pumped because we got out of there pretty fast. Win-won because Im not buying a sweater in 80 degree heat, even if it is in the 50's back home.
After we had lunch, we found the cutest little shop that sold only chocolate and coffee. My kinda place so we totally had to stop in!
After our little chocolate break, we walked around, got lost, found the rental again and headed towards what this post is really about; Tulum Beach Rd. Ohmagah. Eyesight HEAVEN, wallet HELL. When you image a tiny little boho town, this is it. And it's less than a mile away from out hotel. HI, PERFECT LOCATION. Kore Resort, you're my favorite spot in Mexico from here on out. These are some of the pictures I took of the most amazing little shops and spots while we acted like locals.

I've been overloading y'all with pics but seriously, I can't help it. Tulum is STUNNING. Like we would buy a piece of property here, we love it so much. Such a magical, romantic place. I'm going to put together a Mexico Must-Do list because we've done so many great things so far and have so much planned ahead so if you;re planning a trip to Mexico, stay tuned for that!

xx, tbp

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Day One:
It’s been rainy & gloomy for the last two days but honestly, this is the ideal situation haha. We wanted to do a lot of sight-seeing this time and since we live on the coast back home, the beach really wasn’t at the top of our list for things to do but since we wanted to take it easy today, we figured that we'd check the beach out, just to say we did. Since our resort has a beach that comes and goes with the tide (it's SO small) we decided to head to the one that's about a mile from our resort on bikes that the hotel has for guests. 
After that, we visited the Mayan Ruins here in Tulum called the Ruinas Mayas Ruins. These are on a much smaller scale than some of the other ones that we’ll be headed to tomorrow but since these were literally 2-3 miles away from the beach, we got back on our bikes and made it there right before sunset.    Because of the rain and gloom, we didn’t get to see the sunset that everyone raves about but personally, we thought the ruins would overshadow the sunset any day- check them out!

xx, tbp

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